We aim to provide the best food and grocery in the right time

Paaket Food

Paaket Food is one of the top rated products by iWade Media, a technology company that helps solves community problems using the best technological tools in Ghana. Paaket is the brand for the products we offer such as Paaket Food, Paaket Online Shop, Paaket Wear, etc.

Paaket Food helps local businesses targets consumer needs at the best convenience, creating the last-mile delivery infrastructure for vendors and empowering the youth to earn through our Paaket Rider service.

Our aim is to serve consumers with swift food and grocery deliveries near you. We are on the roadmap to deliver food, groceries and anything you need to deliver from one location to the another without compromising productivity.

Paaket Riders

Using Paaket Ride enables you to earn money when and how you want. What you earn depends on your ratings and experience on Paaket Food.

Become a Vendor

Boost your sales by 40% with Paaket Food using our robust technology to accept and deliver your food on your behalf. Join the wining team and sell on the go.

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More locations to be added soon.

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